abc 123

a while ago we needed a rainy day project and this was as easy as a-b-c. we made abc magnets using scraps of fabric and self-adhesive magnets. i found directions here (i love reading the purl bee for cute ideas!) and just printed my own patterns off using a font and size i thought would work. they've proven to be a lot more sturdy than i expected and tons of fun for learning letters.


Sarah said...

Holy adorable. This would make a great gift for my nieces. Was it very expensive to make?

Ben and Summer said...

How fun! So did the magnets already come in that shape? Or did you just put a few magnets on the back? Also, I don't understand this concept of "needing" a project to do. Or having time to recover chairs, quilt, etc. I always have a running list of 10 things I could do if I had time, but never get around to them because i can barely keep up with daily life. You are amazing!

DrummerGirl said...

If you sold these on etsy, I bet I know someone who would buy them (hint, hint)... =)