pretty pettiskirts *update*

thank you to everyone who ordered the pretty pettiskirts!(i'm changing the name from fancy fancy) i had so much fun making them! every time i finished one it became my favorite... until i made the next... so thank you for letting me learn to make the skirts on yours. aren't they just so fun though? macy ended up with a red one and she wears it at least once per day. i let her wear it to church under a dress and we got stopped probably ten times asking where she got the dress.... it wasn't the cutest dress, but the pettiskirt made it so different and adorable... here's the update for those who still want one:
email me at sarafcollett@yahoo.com with the color, age, and waist measurement. the price will vary depending on what you want. please expect to wait about 4 weeks for your skirt.


Kim said...

I was just thinking yesterday about asking to see the pics you took of the girls in their skirts!! I seriously didn't recognize ellie at first in the last one. Yes, I will be needing some more=)

DrummerGirl said...

Sara, those are seriously awesome skirts. I wish I had a little girl so I could order one!!!