easter dress no. 4

i'm finally posting about her easter dress! sadly, i was not very happy about it. even more sadly, she announced that she will not be wearing it ever again the day after easter. oh well. my main goal was to make it possible for her to wear her fall boots again since i am soooo in love with them. i also knew it would be cold and rainy on easter so i figured that was another excuse to wear the boots one more time.i purchased the pattern from here a while ago, then remembered i had it and decided to try it out. i also decided the pattern isn't really my style, but cute anyway. i guess i bought it under peer pressure because i kept reading about people buying it. but i don't think i will be using it again anytime soon... i used a white linen with brown linen accents that i had in my stash so it went along with the thrifted/refinished tie my boy wore... and speaking of the tie, it was perfect. he will be getting lots of wear out of it. see easter dress no. 1 here
no. 2 here
no. 3 here

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Angi said...

If you ask me, this dress is a winner. I love the buttons and the way the top part is rouched (sp?) or whatever (I don't sew), and the puffy sleeves. I think it's the best Easter dress yet!