for the boys

ok. i know my sewing interests may seem a little one-sided... like i only sew for my girl. it's so hard to find cute (not lame)homemade things for my boy though! that's why i am so excited that my friend has just opened a new etsy shop! she takes real ties and sizes them down to ties for little guys. so no cheesy characters, no cheap fabrics, no yucky colors- just cute and classy miniatures of what you would buy for your husband.... i got one for blake and it is the cutest tie ever!(stay tuned for his easter outfit debut including the tie) not only that, it has an adjustable neck with a clasp and everything!
and while i would usually try to just copy this idea for myself... oh wait, i already did and failed miserably. my friend even showed me how she makes these and i still coulnd't get it. obviously this type of sewing is not something i can do. so for me, these ties are worth every penny!

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