a christmas vacation

christmas was fabulous. as per tradition i was gifted materials for a new quilt by my sweet husband(and have since ordered another kit from here with christmas money- i'm an addict, i tell ya!) i couldn't wait to get into it so we stayed up way too late doing this and watching this and loving every minute of it!

oh- and the 'we' i'm talking about-me and her. i couldn't help but let her stay up and hang out- afterall it's christmas vacation.

i'm going to walk away from this blog for a while. i've been thinking i need more direction with it. i started it as a journal for craft ideas and inspiration- and feel like it's a little jumbled. so i need to rethink my goals and find more direction- be back soon!


Suzana said...

how fun! that's something macy will always remember. by the way, THANKS for the cute ... i don't even know what to call it... quote? i love it and it's on display in my newly organized living room!

Lanie Jane said...

Thought you may be interested in a giveaway! Come by and check it out!

xo jane