stress and a swap

i've been taking on too much the past few months. three weddings, mending/altering projects, custom sewing for people, teaching 50 women how to make 5 different food mixes in jars, over-the-top hallooween costumes, a princess birthday party, entertaining guests, all new interior doors, new windows, painting everything, just to name a few of the projects... oh yeah, and i had a baby right before all that. now he's four months old and i keep saying if he will just sleep through the night this all wouldn't stress me out so much.... so i kept asking myself why i signed up for a doll quilt swap. then i remembered. in all my crazy-busy-ness, the best stress relief i know of is time spent at my sewing machine. rather than catching up on sleep or reading a good book or sipping hot chocolate (all of which i love) i find the most sanity by engrossing my mind in something, anything sewing related. for the doll quilt swap, i was given a partner whose main request was that she loves aqua and to have fun with it. so i came up with this. i loved making it because i love the fabrics in it- all designed by denyse schmidt(who i love). i just love how the fabrics blend and clash at the same time. and the best part? i received a darling doll quilt in the mail this week from the sweet girl who got my name. and she used all denyse schmidt fabric in her quilt! not only that, it's a beautifully made quilt which i am so excited to hang in my sewing room if i can get it out of macy's hands first...

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The WoodLand School said...

I cannot *begin* to tell you how absolutely perfect the doll quilt is! I have a "thing" (ok, it's an obsession!) about laundry hanging on the line ... so the fabric was just perfect. The aqua is gorgeous, and I love the quilting.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!