rhubarb and a crisp

i guess it's no secret i like rhubarb. so i was sooo excited when i found this rhubarb at the farmers market! most rhubarb i have ever seen is equivalent to a large stalk of celery. this stuff was huge! each stalk weighed almost a pound and each was at least 3 inches wide! i asked the grower how he did it and he shrugged and said it just rained at all the right times this year. wow! someday i want to grow rhubarb like that. in the meantime i need to come up with more recipes to use it in. so i made this one over the weekend and richie (who still won't taste rhubarb marmalade because he hates all cooked fruit!) loved it! he had seconds and ate leftovers as well. definitely a keeper! my favorite way was fresh out of the oven with vanilla ice cream. seriously better than any other flavor of fruit crisp.


Kelly said...

Sara "Frisby" Is this really you?? I would die if it is!! This is Kelly "Garrison". Erin Hansen posted on my blog, she found it from my cousins blog. And then I looked at hers, and saw she said she has a friend named sara that was crafty!! Please e mail me or post on my blog.. I would love to catch up with you.. Love, Kelly

Frazier Family said...

Ok..my mouth is watering this very second. Thats looks DELISH!!! umm...dumb question....are rolled oats just the quaker oats or....? I know, I'm still learning what everything is :)

tamdoll said...

I love rhubarb! I just wish I could think of something to make with it that doesn't have so much sugar.