random sewing notes... and cards

ok, so we didn't actually picnic over the weekend. but i did have a chance to do some experimenting for new little pretties to put in the shop... what do you think?
i'm wondering if my own little pretty is getting to the age where skirts are more her thing than dresses. she squealed and exclaimed, "oh thank you so much, mom, you're wonderful!" when i finished this skirt... (where she learned that phrase is beyond me) so i'm really just trying to keep up with my little fashionista.
this other style is my new favorite for dresses. it just hangs so cute and the ties on the shoulders are just charming. the fabric is a vintage sheet i thrifted so it has a nostalgic feel to it. and the quilt in my last post was a christmas gift from richie a couple years ago. actually i decided he was going to give me a quilt kit every year for christmas... it's been fun because i usually pick the quilts out and wrap them and and my only goal is to finish the quilt by the next year. i have to say this was one of my easiest quilts ever and even though it doesn't match anything in my house or even my style, i love it! i love every single piece of fabric in it and even more now because they are all discontinued and hard to find. it's all fabric from denyse schmidt, one of my most favorite designers.
ever since i've actually had a space to sew, it's all i want to do when i have time- you know, late at night or early in the morning... although tonight we have plans to play cards. richie is determined to beat me and has yet to do so at gin rummy. ha! (p.s. richie beats me at literally everything else in life- scrabble, tennis, IQ tests, etc. etc. so i have to gloat.....)


Richie said...

But I think my record against Sara in Ping Pong is 1-9.

The P*dunc's said...

You're not good for my budget, girl! CUTE stuff!