one more dress

thank you for all the comments on macy's easter dress! i really should mention that i got the idea from here... actually, i had the fabric and was planning to make a little wrap dress with it until my sister in-law showed me this cute line and i thought- hey, i can make that!
speaking of making something i see... sometimes i think i can totally relate to the couple on Napoleon Dynamite when Uncle Rico whips out the free sailboat during his tupperware presentation. you know, how the wife whispers to her husband, "i want that," so seriously-- that's how I felt when i saw this dress but how can i justify spending $78 on a dress for a two-year old? so i set out to make one like it. it's not exact, but i love how it turned out. this dress was the first time i have made a 'muslin' since college. so in reality i made this dress three times before i got the one you see. but it was definitely worth saving the money! oh, and the shoes are from the Gap and don't actually have any of the same plaid, but you couldn't tell until I told you, right? that's what i love about sewing and creating. really, it's all ideas we see and then recreate the way our brain remembers. i guess. anyway, i am loving this dress for macy and i have plenty of extra fabric that i can use for something in my shop... (just not the exact same dress obviously) any suggestions?

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Kim said...

yours is cuter!