stamping away

i have to say i am a fan of rubber stamps. but only in moderation. i believe you can have all the stamps you would ever need in one little tupperware. at least that is what i am trying to maintain. i try to only purchase a stamp if i think i will use it often. oh but with alphabet sets i make an exception. those are like fonts on your computer. you can never have too many styles. so even though i don't buy many stamps, i was a little sad when i heard that our only local rubber stamp store is leaving town.

i think it's because we are past the 'superstore era' where we prefer one stop shopping. rather, we have realized that you can get the really good stuff at the specialty shops. for example, williams sonoma will have way more for your kitchen than target (as much as i love that place). likewise, it was the same way with our local rubber stamp store. no craft 'superstore' can match the selection, quality, and creativity. so when i heard they were having a little sale, i just had to stop by. and of course when you know something is on sale you are way more prone to impulse buying. so that is what happened. but it was already worth it because macy and i have had fun playing and making cards.

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Aubri said...

I get a lot of my stamps from Stampin' Up.