why i am not crafty

i've traded in all my fun stuff for paint rollers, a shop vac, and a crowbar. instead of rubber stamping cards, i'm slapping joint compound on walls. instead of unpicking seams i'm pulling out nails. it's empowering but creatively-not so much. since thanksgiving i have sewn only one thing- and i didn't get a picture before i sent it away! but- have you ever used a crowbar? it got very addicting as i was using it to remove baseboards and moulding from our house. hopefully it will all be over by the middle of the month and i can dust off my kinds of tools and start making some fun stuff again.


Cade&Susie&Jaxon said...

house fixing does take up ALL of your time, but the end product is so worth it. I am excited for you guys- we need to come see it!

stacia said...

at least you have a good excuse for your lack of craftiness lately... i don't have any excuse as to why i am not crafty...i'm just not. well, actually, i think maybe you got all the crafty genes one family could handle?!!