no.30 three good things

the gap.
the office.
arrested development.


Sarah said...

OHMYGOSH I LOVE ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT AND THE OFFICE!!!!! I am still crying bitter tears over the cancelation of Arrested Development. It was wrong. So wrong. I miss Buster so much. I miss the dad's many escapes from jail and Tobias' time as a Blue Man. The funniest thing - When the doctor said it looked like he was dead. They start bawling. Gob says, "Wait a second - He is dead or it looks like he's dead?" The doctor says, "It just looks like it because he has blue paint all over himself." The same doctor had told them they "lost" their dad, but this meant he had escaped out the window. Oh, I laughed so hard. I asked for the DVD for Christmas. And when Lucille had her rape horn and Buster said, "Like anyone would R her ..." That was so hilarious. I think The Office is save, thank goodness. It's too popular to be canceled.

Matt and Joanna said...

Is that Jim? I walked by that poster the other day and had to take a second glance. I thought my eyes were deceiving me!?!

DrummerGirl said...

OMG. is that pic of Jim in poster-form somewhere??? if so, where can i get it? =)

AD and The Office are my absolute favorite shows!!!!!