a good way to layer quilts

here is my new favorite way to layer a quilt.
first, take the backing and lay it on a wood floor or hard surface face down. tape it to the floor so it is pulled tight.
next, center the batting on top of the backing.
finally, lay the quilt top on top of it all. make sure everything is smooth and all lined up.
then pin every few inches. i like the large quilting safety pins just because they are easy to get through all the layers.

and now you are ready to quilt or tie your quilt. or you can leave it in your closet for a few months until you remember you have yet another unfinished project to work on.

i really like this method because it seems to produce fewer wrinkles and puckers in my finished quilts. the pins are easier to take out than basting and seem to hold the quilt in place just fine. i think the key is in taping your backing down tightly. it really helps everything to lay perfectly flat. and for the life of me i cannot remember where i learned this or i would give proper credit.

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