hooray for hot glue (no.16)

oh goodness! this posting everyday is harder than i thought it would be! this is what kept me from posting yesterday. but there is still a good thing involved. who can underestimate the value of a hot glue gun? i know my sister especially can. when she kindly lent us her couch slipcovers, the ties were held on with hot glue. my hot glue gun was especially handy yesterday because i used it for everything. more than usual. i even used hot glue between some of the flowers to keep them together. i really prefer the high temp glue. yep- did you know that there are different temperatures? i had my cheapy glue gun and a friends- both looked the same, but the high temp one worked much faster and produced a better hold. it does burn a little easier though, but after a while your fingers get calloused enough that it's okay. i'm starting to think that hot glue is all you need. oh and i just love this picure even though it's blurry! the bride was adorable but couldn't hold still enough for my little camera. did i mention i loved her dress?


stacia said...

obviously you are talking about your really crafty sister and i'm so glad to see you've finally seen the light... hot glue can do it all.

Sarah said...

Ode to hot glue! I could not have made my garbage hat for Halloween without it.