match those corners up (gt no. 7)

have you ever been working on a quilt and had a hard time getting corners to match up? this is actually one of the reasons my very first quilt is hidden in a cedar chest. those pesky corners! i decided matching corners was something only seasoned quilters could produce. that was until i learned this simple technique. so i was talking to a friend last night who is starting her first quilt and i woke up this morning thinking of how much i love this technique and i so wish i had known it when i started quilting. oh yes, and if you are reading this and you think it might be beneficial to a quilt you are making... feel free to return the favor by, say, sharing a certain enchilada recipe or something? just an idea.

matching corners:
here's an example using a 4-patch, but this method works with any corners that may need to line up. if you are making rows of squares, you can just press every other seam in opposite directions then follow the same instructions.

first lay out what you are piecing
place squares right sides together and stitch.
press the seams of each set in opposite directions.
lay the two sets right sides together and you will feel the two seams lock into place like a puzzle.

i pin the seams just for backup.

sew the sets together- removing the pin just before you sew over it. now for the fun part. hold your square while it is still closed and you can pop the seam where it overlaps what you just sewed.

now press your seams- one half of the seam will press one direction and the other half in the opposite direction.

because you popped the seam previously, it will press nice and flat and you will have a little 4-patch in the center of wrong side of your square. that's how you know you did it right.

turn it over and enjoy your perfectly matched corners.

now that's a good thing.


Cade&Susie&Jaxon said...

Sara! This is a very helpful good thing. I started my first quilt too! I've meaning to call you. It's a little late for me to do it this way the next one for sure. My first one will have to be charming and not so perfect..haha!

Taryn said...

you are sooo talented, i couldn't even begin to start quilting. i love all your "good things" they are fun to read. miss you guys.

Michelle W. said...

Sweet tutorial. Need to start sewing and I LOVE THAT FOUR PATCH!