there's something about quilts that can make you feel at home no matter where you may be. afterall, home is more a feeling than a place. i love how a quilt can be the comfort you need on the couch, or the art you need on the wall. putting together a quilt can be therapeutic or put you in therapy. the first quilt i ever made has stayed in the cedar chest because i am embarrassed of all my mistakes. (it is pretty bad) but i have learned that it is the mistakes that give it character. just like people. if we were all perfect, that would be too boring. it's also a process to teach ourselves to look back at our mistakes and learn from them.
i made this little quilt when macy was born. the fabrics represent 7 years of collecting, dreaming, changing my mind, and finally settling on squares. it represents thinking only of myself when purchasing each print, and deciding, in the end, that someone else would be better off with it. it is the first quilt i was satisfied with my stippling on. there are other things about it that i love and hate, but when i look at it next to my first quilt, there is a big difference. with all the character in the quilt, the thing that makes me love it unconditionally now is that now it belongs to macy. while things may not always be perfect, when we look past our own imperfections to give of ourselves, the sweetness will make up for everything else. that is how we can learn and improve.


aaronandsharla said...

very pretty quilt and I think it looks fabulous! I won't dare post the first ones I made...you would die laughing. So I want to learn to machine quilt- like you did on this quilt and some of your others...so do I need a special foot or need to take a class or what? where and how do I learn that stitch?

Samantha said...

Hi Sara,
I recognise those fabrics - they are beautiful.

And you are right about character. So much better handmade.

hannah said...

Your quilt looks beautiful, and I like not-quite-perfect handmade quilts best anyway, who wants a perfect quilt??? I too love the stitching on yours, i am really wanting to have a go at that sort of dense quilting.