talking in acronyms

newsflash as of today: my MIL is coming. i can't appear to be MIA in my own house. therefore i must SWC ASAP. but this week has WMO, and even though i should clean TtoB, it might just have to be FAO. i tell this to my richie and he asks why i must DtoI as he RHE. all i had to say was PLBKAC. that was the EOD. so her ETA is friday morning. how long can i avoid tidying up before i have to GOWI? sometimes i wish it could just be SEP. but alas, IIMY, so i digress. is this TMI? in hopes that it's not the SOSO, hope you had fun reading my acronyms. consider thie an RFC. whoever can name the most TLAs or FLAs, will win another pair of the CLEs i posted about earlier. and whoever can makeup the best(EINT) acronym meanings... well, you will BAW as well. so SAYOR, GL, and HAND! and if YCRT then you are SOL. no prize for you.


stacia said...

this will take some time..i'm a little slow but workin on it!

aaronandsharla said...

i'm sure Grandpa Scott could figure all of them out- We haven't attempted but I think it is worth it for the PRIZE