blueberry month

did you know that in the u.s. july is national blueberry month? and did you know that during the civil war soldiers often drank a blueberry beverage because of it's health benefits? also, north america produces 90% of the world's blueberries. if they are growing here, why are they so stinkin expensive? my guess is the time it takes to pick them. if you were a bluberry picker, wouldn't you put one in your mouth for every one you put in the bucket? we went to pick raspberries the other day and were too late (by three days) but we were right on time for blueberries! i couldn't believe all the berries. i picked 7 pounds and probably ate 5. i also had a little helper who wouldn't taste the blueberries at first, but once she did, she plopped herself down and ate them by the handful. the same thing happened with richie, who dislikes blueberries, but changed his mind when he tasted these pretties. the best part was that 7 pounds only cost $11. seriously! now we just don't know what to do with all the berries. i froze most of them so they wouldn't go bad, and we had blueberry pancakes, blueberries on ice cream, blueberries on oatmeal, but there's still a lot of berries! any great blueberry ideas out there?


Emily said...

Blueberry cheesecake, homemade blueberry, ice cream, blueberry jam...the possibilities are endless. I am jealous as I am often mad at the high prices of berries. When I worked at the hotel we'd get them daily and sometimes the blueberries and blackberries were the size of the small strawberries. They were huge. Have fun experimenting and with all the health benefits too.

Cade&Susie&Jaxon said...

There is nothing like fresh berries!! YUM! I am super jealous of those blueberry pancakes!