shirt to dress

did you notice it's been a while since i posted about sewing any clothes?
that's cause i haven't sewn many clothes this past year.  mostly just quilting. 
actually, i did sew a bunch of halloween costumes...
anyway, i found this shirt on clearance at the gap a while ago. 
i think i paid $6.99
i knew it wasn't something my husband would ever wear, but i loved the plaid
so... i started cutting into it,  and came up with a dress for my girl.
i thought it would be a cute back to school dress.
and i finished it last week. ha!
it'll still fit her next fall though.
i used the original collar,
just cut it down so it didn't look huge on her little neck
i kept the original button placket in tact
by folding the original shirt and using it as the center front for the dress
 i cut smaller sleeves and cuffed them- my girl hates long sleeves
but can you blamer her? 
 it's hotter than hades here in texas.
 (they even said so on the radio this morning)
i have a couple more shirts i've collected from thrifting and clearance racks. 
i can't wait to start another one!
maybe i should plan on her wearing it a year from now... ha!
belt: h&m
jeggings: the children's place
toms: nordstrom.com


Kristin said...

cute as always sara!

Suzana said...

that is so cute. i love it.