book love: reader's digest complete guide to sewing

this book has been for a long time and still is my all time favorite sewing book.  it was actually a textbook for a few of my sewing classes in college.  i pulled it out the other day to look something up and remembered how great it is!
here's what i love about this book.  it explains everything you will need to know about sewing(not quilting) with detailed pictures and written steps.  the book also uses methods that will produce a better product in the end.  i have found that if i want to make a dress or something, i can cut out my pattern pieces and completely ignore the pattern instruction papers if i have this book as a reference.
did you know that pattern companies most often print their pattern directions according to what's easiest to print, not nescessarily what may be correct?  when i found that out it was like a light went on as to why all my early sewing years projects did not turn out.   however, if you are only interested in quilting, this is not the book for that.  i have a couple favorite quilting reference books, i'll have to share... but if you want to make clothing, slipcovers, pillows, curtains, bedding, zippers, etc.  this is my favorite book!

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Angela said...

Thanks, Sara! With a little girl on the way, I have been dreaming of making dresses for her - starting with her blessing gown. I have wondered if there was anything that matched the BH&G Quilting Book (which I love), so you just answered my question! Thanks for the recommendation!