on my wall

{three blog posts in one week!  i'm on a roll!}  currently i have one wall in my sewing room devoted to batting.  and right now my design wall is pretty full.  which means one or two things.  a)i have a lot of projects to finish, or b)i've been busy working on projects!  okay so it's actually both.  here's what they all are
1. farmer's wife blocks.  from this book.  i've been thinking about joining this quilt along for the entire 15 weeks it's been going on.  maybe i can catch up?  even if not, these blocks are actually really fun to make.  they are tiny and so cute.  and i can pull from my scraps to make them. 
2. a couple of churn-dash experiments.  i have a project idea in the works involving these blocks.  so i made these using different measurements to see what i like better.  (also why i made that one from the farmer's wife book) i love that i can put them up and stare at them for a while until i decide what to do.
3. partially finished dotty dresden blocks from this book. i've wanted to make this quilt forever.  and i am loving these.  they are hand appliqued so it's a long term project.  i've been taking blocks with me whenever i have a lot of sitting to do.  road trips, in the car pickup line, at dance, at soccer, etc.  the centers will be red polka dot when i get them on.  the petals of the dresdens are all american jane fabrics, mostly from the recess line.
4. japanese + & X blocks.  i spotted a picture of a quilt like this on pinterest which led me to the flickr group and got me hooked.  it's another pull from the scrap bag project and i'm loving these blocks but i don't know if i'll make an entire quilt.  so there they sit until i decide what else to do with them.
5. i had to try it.  the darling swoon quilt pattern by camille roskelley.  the block on the right is finished.  the block on the left needs a few more seams obviously.  i'm using anna maria horner's innocent crush line and light gray solid for the background.  these blocks are huge but i'm loving them! 
and that's it!  hopefully my streak of three blog posts this week wasn't a fluke... if you are still reading this, you deserve a prize or something. have a great weekend!


Mandy said...

YAY! I am SO happy to see you getting your groove back! I LOVE those halloween bibs, darling fabric. Makes me want to make a halloween quilt. Oh Sara, you are so inspiring! Way to go sister!

Kristin said...

I need to get started on my Farmer's Wife blocks & I also have been thinking about the swoon blocks with some stashed modern meadow prints. Love your print combos!!