quilts in ny

 (this quilt was in the entry.  and i'm pretty sure i now need a front porch with a swing and this quilt and summer and that's all i need in life... )

this year is the year of the quilt at the museum of american folk art in new york.  as my luck would have it i got to go to new york recently.  as my luck would also have it, i was in new york between exhibits at the museum so i missed the infinite variety one and the masterworks one... however, the museum did have a small exhibit going on in their remote location (which happened to be next door to my church's temple) so i was lucky enough to see that. 
(not a great picture, but i loved how modern this looks... and those circles!! not an easy quilt)
the quilts were amazing.  they were all based on stars which i couldn't have loved more.  stars make up some of my most favorite quilt designs.  almost all of the quilts were completely hand pieced and hand quilted, though sadly, most of the makers were unkonwn.   i kept thinking about the people who pieced and quilted each quilt.  it made me wonder what people will think of today's quilts in the future.  the art of quilting has changed a lot... i think it's really more of an art now and less of a necessity. 
(i loved the blocks of this one...
 reminds me of this pattern which i broke down and bought because i love it so so much!)

this was by far my most favorite quilt of the exhibit.  it was gorgeous in person.  the piecing was perfection.  the individual blue prints were to die for.  the hand quilting is awesome.  and you can't see it, but the binding was the most perfect navy and white dot fabric ever.  *love*

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