a valentine tea

last weekend we had a little valentine tea party...


my sister and i threw this little party in lieu of birthday parties for our girls and i think it turned out super fun!  why not have a little party with no obligations from guests except to show up... the little girls were so adorable about having a tea party just for fun.

the only real request from macy was that we play a 'pin the           ' game so we played pin the heart on the frog.

each little girl decorated one large heart sugar cookie (recipe coming soon- it was a good one!) and drank tea(crystal light) out of their own little teacups... all different.  i have actually been planning to have a tea party for my girl since last summer so i've slowly collected teacups and saucers from thrift stores, home goods, ross, anthro clearance, etc.  i loved that they were all different but each cute.  i'm sure these will come in handy later- and since i tried not to spend more than $3 per set, i'm fine with little girls playing with them.

the menu included tiny pb&j triangles, cheesecake petit fours, fruit, and veggies, and of course the "tea."

 i wish i'd taken more pictures of the decor because it was so fun to put together!  we made paper pom poms to hang from the ceiling (tutorial here) as well as a garland of folded paper doilies.  the tablecloth was a piece of pink polka dot fabric with a valentine runner from our local downeast.  and that red polka dot teapot- definietly my favorite piece!  i went to seattle the week before the party and ran into tj maxx for something else when i spotted it.  and when i saw it was only $7 i couldn't pass it up.
after our little lunch, we took pictures of the girls and let them decorate heart frames while we printed the pictures out, then put magnets on the back so they could hang them up at home.
each little girl took home a goodie bag (sorry no pictures!)  that i printed from here (i love farm chicks!!) and glued together.  we filled them with a v-day pencil, a heart necklace, and a lipgloss ring. 
ok you are probably thinking this is a lot for a little party and it is!  but it wasn't just me- my sister and i planned it for a couple weeks before  and slowly pulled everything together. another sister came to help at the party and my good friend mandy helped as well- seriously if i had been alone it wouldn't have happened! 


Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

This is so pretty! So glad to see you here, too!

Kristin said...

oh my goodness! i think jack & i will have to make cut out cookies again this year - we didn't last year, but was always have in the past.

Kim said...

When my girls got the invitation they kept saying "Sara makes really cute invitations." It was so fun and turned out so stinkin cute! I want to steal everything and use it for my class'v-day party. Too bad you're keeping it up all month!

allegra said...

sara! it's so good to hear from you....i hope you're loving your new place!! it looks like a fabulous home. and hello my dear, what a darling party! i LOVE the poms hanging above the table. very cute. i'm obsessed with everything about this little par-tay! especially that polka dot tea cup:)

so i met your friend over the weekend and her cute fam...Kristin Tidd. How awesome are they? So nice.