mushrooms and gnomes

last year i found some fake mushrooms at target.  they were red and white polka dot so how could i resist?  a few months later, my mom and i were at joanns when we saw a real red mushroom growing near the parking lot!  i said i wish those would grow in my yard so she plucked it right up and carried it home in the car.  we kinda planted it in the dirt by my fake mushrooms not knowing if it would even last.  within a couple weeks it had doubled in size!  i don't know what it is about these little mushrooms, but i just love them.  kinda reminds me of mario brothers.  target has some similar ones this year here.  
now that it's getting to be spring again, i'm on the lookout for a little gnome like this one (found here).  i don't usually like a lot of stuff other than flowers in my flower beds, but i do make an exception for mushrooms and gnomes... especially when polka dots are involved.
thank you for all the quilt love!  i was really excited about how it turned out.  i can't wait to make a girl version...  and yay for moda bake shop!  what a great resource.

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Sarah said...

Maybe you'll find a real gnome!