hazardous home sewing

today i sliced my finger with the tip of my ginghers!
i was trying to cut the buttons off a thrifted leather jacket that had already been cut to pieces to make shoes.
after an hour of trying to get the cut to stop squirting, i went to the instacare.
there, they cleaned it out, then taped the hole together and glued it shut. (it was too short for stitches but too deep for just a bandaid.)
when the doctor asked me what i do for work, the thought crossed my mind that i should answer 'sew dresses' and that would make more sense as to why i had a scissor wound. but i found myself saying, 'i stay at home.'
and we spent the rest of the time talking about our kids- his are close in age to mine and he holds his wife close to sainthood for being a stay at home mom. it made me glad that i had answered 'stay at home.'
it's no secret that i like to do more than 'stay' while i'm at home. but as i was talking to the dr. about our kids, i had a moment of pride in my real work and desire to do better at it.
i stay at home with my kids.
my etsy shop is an outlet for me when i need it. sometimes it becomes more and then i resent it and my kids because the two pull at each other.
today made me realize i don't need to do more at the expense of my staying at home.
and i realized i should really be more careful with my biggest pair of sewing scissors.
and it's good to be at home.


Matt and Joanna said...

amen, sista! glad you didn't slice your finger off.

Sarah said...

I didn't know sewing was so dangerous! ;-D

Once I cut my finger and had to go in too. My doctor exclaimed profanity as he accidentally spilled the super glue on the exam table that he was using to close my wound.

Julie and Mike Wood said...

These are the best shoes ever too! They never fell off our little guys' feet and were so easy to put on...it's sad when they outgrow them...

Mandy said...

amen sista is right!!
so sorry you got injured!
I need to call you back, sorry I haven't yet!LOVE YOUR GUTS!!!