indie banditas

i think i mentioned it a little before, (and i'll probably be mentioning it again) but i'm getting ready to do my first show! i've gone from excited to nervous to regretful to excited to everything else.... but mostly i'm so excited that i will be sharing a space with my good friend and her adorable flowers! i love these things so much i already have them pinned to all my bags and jackets! and she makes clips or headbands to match my little pretties! how cute is that???
needless to say, i've been sewing like crazy with every moment i can get... so hopefully i will have something to show for it... the stacks are piling up...
i've also been sewing some new fun things to have at the show- all trying to stay within the "little" and "pretty" theme. doesn't every mom need a pretty little makeup bag?wish us luck! or even better, come by and say hi!

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