etsy treasury!

one of my skirts was featured in two etsy treasuries this week! i'm so flattered!
see them here and here
i don't know all the details about how treasuries work, but i have heard it's very hard to get one. so i'm especially flattered that these artists would include something of mine. their themes are so cute too! i can't wait for those hot summer days and the 3 lemonade stands that can usually be found on my street. :)


sharla@mylittlegems said...

woot woot! Thatis awesome.
Hey that lemon fabric-is it out of print? Our JoAnn's has it and I keep thinking I should use my coupon to buy it and then I don't. But after seeing this cuteness, I should buy it :) And Target-those cute shirts-no where to be found where I live :) you are very good at fabric combining- from now on I'm emailing you for advice :) (send me your current email)

she wears flowers said...

Well-deserved! Way to go!