ufo#8 the pretty peony tutorial

remember last year when i made this flower headband? it's become a favorite to wear at our house. when i made it i thought it was so easy that i should make a tutorial... and finally here it is!

You will need:

fat quarter of fabric (I used linen(my favorite)but be creative and use whatever you want!)
download the pattern here
spray fray check (optional)
hot glue gun
needle and thread (optional)
headband or clip
How To:
Cut pattern out on lines. Then pin each pattern piece to fabric and carefully cut. I fold my fabric twice so I am cutting 4 layers at a time.
Lay the flower pieces out and spray with fray check. This is optional and you can do it at the very end if you want. I didn't spray the first flower I made and it's still puffy, just a little frayed and I have to run the petals through my flat iron occasionally to freshen it up. If you do spray the flowers, make sure you allow plenty of time to dry.
Take one of the smallest flowers and glue all the petals together to make a cup Using one flower at a time, add to the bottom of the cupped flower, gluing just barely past the center-up the sides to give it some roundness. You don't need very much glue at all- less is better to keep the flower from getting too heavy. If you prefer, you can sew the layers together with a needle and thread instead of glue.Continue until all flowers are added or until it's as big as you like. Everytime I add a flower I rotate it one petal width so there's a lot of variety in placement.
Glue the flower to the headband or clip. Cut a 2 inch circle of fabric. Glue or sew it to the bottom of the flower with the headband in between the layers. Glue probably works better for this step.
And there you go! A cute headband (or clip if you want) to wear with all your favorite spring and summer dresses!
Don't want to make one? You can buy it here
Need something to wear it with? Look here!


Flowers said...

WOW!!!! This is stunning! Thank you so much for the tutorial! Will try to create one tomorrow.

km said...

This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I want to make one RIGHT NOW! Hmm, where is my cutting table again? Perhaps it's under that huge pile of laundry and books and paint and masks and cats...

Cindy Robinson said...

thanks for tips. I love this on Macy! I am excited to make a couple!