the zebra dress {ufo #4}

this was seriously the easiest 'finish' ever. i'm embarrassed that i let this one go for so long. all i had to do was sew the buttons on the back. that was four months ago. and yes, she still wore it without buttons. you couldn't tell there were no buttons because the collar ties and covers it all up- but i knew. and that was all that mattered.
the dress was originally inspired by one i saw on etsy(of course now i can't find it) and a vintage pattern i picked up at the thrift store. plus i just liked this fabric so i bought lots of it. i still like it. and i still have lots of it. so happy to have this one checked off my list.


amyraye said...

totally noticed that gorgeous dress at church today. loved it paired with the pink sweater.

and i also really love your weekly UFO goal. brilliant.

Laurel said...

Sara-you are beyond creative! I am so glad you are back to blogging on this site. I have missed seeing all of your ideas!! :)

Cami said...

Very cute! I need some spring dresses for Jane please. I'll look on your little store, but let me know if you have any about 2T that aren't on there!

Myeka said...

I love this dress, it definitely has a vintage feel to it but with a new twist. Suuuuuppppeeerrrr cute,