sewing bee

last night i had a little sewing class at my house.
i loved every minute of it.
my "students" were amazing.
they all get As.
we had treats but no time to eat!

did i mention that i loved it?

i'm definitely doing it again.
next time i think i'll serve these cupcakes. yum.
wanna come?
email or leave a comment.
i'll let you know when i do it again!


Taryn said...

So fun!!! I wish I could have come but probably wouldnt have been much fun cuz I was sick. Let me know when you do the next one!!

Matt and Joanna said...

I'm SO sad I missed it. I will definitely be there next time. I'm glad it was a success and that you loved it!

Angela said...

Sara, I have been thinking of doing something like this lately, but I haven't because I am at the end of my pregnancy and then I will have a newborn. I would love to join you sometime...if you don't mind a little newborn coming along since he should be making his appearance in the next week. -Angela Davis

"Lucky" said...

I wanna come :)

Myeka said...

Omgosh, I love this I would love to attend!

Crystal said...

I want to learn how to sew so bad. I have 2 machines and don't know how to use them.