happy 2010!

this might be my most favorite christmas card from this year. so creative and clever! (i blurred her face since i didn't ask if i could post it and that kinda ruined it but just imagine it with a stinkin cute face too...) i love when people send me pictures of their darling girls in things i've sewn. i'm even more flattered when they send pictures to everyone they know.
photographer found here


Taryn said...

ohhh!! I love that you posted this! :) Thats my little girl! You and my sister get all the credit for this card ( ok ok... I guess that I made the beautiful little girl in the picture allows me to get some of the credit! ) ... Happy New Year Sara!

by the way - my sister will be thrilled that you are advertising for her! and I wouldn't have minded if you didn't blur out the face. :)

Maegan said...

You can bet if I had photos of my girls in that skirt, EVERYONE would be seeing the pictures. :)