cookie dough pie

the tastiest part of our holiday weekend:sooo easy to make!
here's how i did it.
2 pkgs. original chips ahoy cookies or similar
1 can spray whipped cream
2 cups milk

dip cookies individually into milk quickly(like in one non-stop motion). shake off excess milk, then fill bottom of pie dish. i used broken pieces to smash into any spaces. then add a layer of whipped cream and repeat until desired thickness is reached. freeze until firm, then let soften a little before serving. nobody will know you didn't even turn on your oven!

found via big red kitchen


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh that sounds good.

DrummerGirl said...

This is amazing and I will be making this asap.

Suzana said...

um... i literally wanted to lick the screen when i saw this. i am making it.