more happy pictures

i love it when people send me pictures! is it just me, or do pictures taken by other people always look better than your own? and i loooove this fabric! when my friend was having me make these dresses, we debated over fabric choice for soooo long. it was hard because she wanted something that would look good on both her girls who have such different coloring, but would also look dressy for the occasion. after going back and forth forever, i got out macy's dress like this from last year and that was that. and i just love this fabric.(i think i already mentioned that?) i love that's it can be dressy or playful and that it goes with so many other colors and prints. i especially love it on little girls- like it belongs but doesn't.

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Kim said...

Okay, seriously I thought that was Eliza at first. Except for the dad couldn't have been the same. Do you think?