the "fancy fancy"

here it is. the skirt martha says we all can make. well- if she gave better directions she might be right, but whatever. soi wanted to try making this skirt before i went and ordered a ton of fabric online. and i remembered that a fabric store i worked at in high school sells this fabric(they call it sheer tricot) so i sent my sister to pick some up and she was nice enough to send it to me. now this is day three of macy wearing this skirt. she adores it and named it "fancy fancy" i personally think it is too short for her height, but i can change that on the next one i make. and honestly, i would totally make it again. it really was easy easy easy. martha's instructions weren't the best- but if she told us exactly how she does everything, then she probably would be de-throned too soon. anyway, on this skirt i shirred some layers and used my ruffle foot on others. the ruffle foot turned out to be my favorite method, but both worked fine. so if you still want fabric for a skirt or if you want me to make one for you- send me an email at sarafcollett@yahoo.com with your fabric color choice, if you want me or you to make it, and the size. then i will let you know how much they will be. since i am still figuring that out myself.


amyraye said...

i think ray would love it..

Britt and Laura said...

I LOVE IT! It's ADORABLE! I watched it being made on TV...not the best instructions when "air time is limited"
You are my HERO!