do you like post-it notes? i love them. i have a little habit of covering plenty of surfaces in my house with these little sticky friends. the kitchen cabinet. my computer desk. my sewing machine table. the nightstand. the dashboard. etc. sometimes i feel bad for using all this paper to remember a little idea, but then i think it's what works for me. i just wonder how else am i supposed to keep all these ideas in my view without all the clutter? often i think i just have to remember something, so i jot it down on a post-it or if i'm in a hurry i write a hint thinking i will remember it later... yeah, that doesn't always work. but then i have this sea of color around my desk with ideas and inspriation and i never run out of things to do from these little notes.

and because i always write on post-its, macy likes it too. she currently has a colleciton of these on the computer desk next to mine.

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