i heart old windows

the chipped paint, the old glass, the rusty latches, it's all so cute! maybe you can't believe i am saying this after i complained for months about the 1959 single pane aluminum windows on my house... (i still don't love those windows and i don't miss them- hallelujah!) but for decoration windows are fun! well, i was feeling handy today so i hung this. it's an old window from a 1910 house in seattle. i found it here and instantly fell in love with it. so i cleaned it and sanded the chipped paint smooth and now i love it even more! it's perfect for sticking pictures in or love notes on, or you could even use a dry erase marker and write on the glass. it's even cute with nothing on it. so yes, i love old windows- but not as real windows. i'm happy to enjoy modern comforts for function and the older things for their style.


Satya Rao said...

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Candy said...

love that window! I want one! How much did it cost you and was shipping outrageous or no?
p.s. I'm the gal who loved your argyle booties a while back! I still do!

Mandy Frazier said...

Ok, that is too darling. I LOVE old window frames, you got a great one. The best part is knowing that it's so incredibly old and that it has such a history. Darling my friend. By the way, did I mention we'll be coming to Seattle next week? :) We are going to have to play!
love, Mandy

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

The photos in this post are beautiful, and I love how you used this old window as a kind of picture frame. Now I want one! :-)