homemade pizza

we love pizza in our house. but it can get so pricey and unhealthy to order it out every time it sounds good. so we've started a tradition of (almost)weekly homemade pizza. it doesn't always fall on the same night, but it's always a fun way to let everyone get involved and be creative with dinner.
well, my sister had the idea to throw a homemade pizza party and it was so fun! we made about 11 pizzas and spent less than $60 on ingredients. in the end we had more pizza than we knew what to do with. we used pre-made dough from trader joes, but it would be easy to make your own, buy a crust, or even use tortillas... i recommend chopping everything before so you can throw the pizzas together quickly. oh, and it helped that she has a double oven... if only we were all so lucky... here's what we made:

bbq chicken
bbq sauce
cut up chicken
red onion
bacon (if you dare)
fresh cilantro
ranch chicken(my favorite)
fresh spinach
cut up chicken
green onions
chopped tomatoes
a little cheddar on top
ranch or seasoned tomato paste
artichoke hearts
green peppers
and the regulars


Matt and Joanna said...

these pizza's look divine (and it's 10 in the morning). we should get together and do a pizza night!

Sarah said...

We just made some on some wheat wraps someone brought us and they were great! I like margherita pizza (sp?) with fresh basil, tomatoes, crushed garlic, and a little olive oil. I put some fresh parmesan on there too.

Suzana said...

this pizza was so AMAZING. i loved it. it's way better than take-out!