emma jane frames

i have a sweet sweet friend who- it feels like has been my friend forever but really we've only known each other for about 6 years. she is the talented scrapbooker who is getting me hooked on papercrafts... she was recently inspired to create name frames by her own baby and makes them as baby gifts (or to sell...) and how cute- she calls them "emma jane frames" after her baby. but really my kids are so lucky that i have such a sweet friend who would make these darling frames for their rooms! all she asked me was the color schemes and she went with the rest. she didn't even know that i already had the exact red and white dots in macy's room or that i love love the vintage look for them! the pictures really don't do these justice. they are seriously the cutest things ever! thank you so much mandy! we will cherish these always!


adventure knitter said...

Those are adorable! Lucky you!!

corilee said...

Too Cute! I love those!

Crazy Lees said...

They are adorable! Who wouldn't want such a sweet treasure! thanks for sharing! It made my day!