a room for the boy

i keep getting asked what my nursery is going to look like now that i can't make it all girly. and to be honest, it's been way more fun converting my current nursery into a little girly room. but i decided i better do something for this boy since i have only a month before he's here with all his boyishness.... the main colors i wanted were brown and cream. i just can't do blue or green for some reason right now. but this worked great because the room he will be in was going to be a guest room until i decided i didn't want my boy and my girl to share, so it was already painted very neutral tan with an oatmeal rug over the hardwoods.
i have to admit, i feel a little like i caved by not making the bedding this time- but it was justifiable... and that's another story.
after i decided on the brown and cream i just couldn't let go of the mirror i had in macy's nursery, so i added a few accent colors- like lots. the mirror was on martha stewart a few years ago, and i couldn't resist making it. the baby letters are just sitting on top of it and will most likely get moved and changed when we actually have a name.
and just so you don't think i have a perfect little nursery set up- you can see the closet is still a mishmash of things we keep and don't need, like an old vcr... hey it might come in handy someday. and for my most favorite part of the room, (and probably my whole house) the doorframe. i am in love with it. i could sit and stare at it all day. my dad came and installed all the woodwork on our house and did a smashing job! (did i just say smashing?) really, i can't say enough about his brilliance. my original idea was the plain square look, but my dad insisted the little piece on top would make it look better and i am so glad he did.
as this room looks so peaceful now, i can't help imagining the whirlwind of stress it is going to go through. i'm sure no tree will be crashing through the ceiling like in macy's nursery, but i can't help but think about how much tiredness this room really represents in the next year or more... and of course the fun. we are so excited for the sweetness and fun a baby boy will bring into our home.


Megan said...

Super Cute!! I am in love with the wall hanging. The funnest part of pregnancy is all of the stuff you get to buy and decorating. I am way happy for you guys! So, what's this boy's name going to be?? or do we have to wait??

Suzana said...

it's blake, right? it's a good thing andy doesn't want to use that name because i LOVE it. the room looks so cute. i love the brown and cream - it's so different than all the other boy nurseries i've seen but so perfect at the same time. i'm so excited for you guys. i hope i can come visit sometime after you have the baby!

Matt and Joanna said...

I love your nusery! Where did you get your bedding, I really like it! This is the fun stuff (I think)!

CRYSTAL said...

where did you get the bedding? I love it. I am sure the baby loves it too! I just love your site you are so creative. I would love to learn how to make dresses. Could you show me sometime. I want some cute ones for sarina.