design on a lime

last weekend was the sunniest and hottest of the year, and i spent most of it indoors. my friend said she felt sorry for me, but don't worry, the doors and windows were open and the view inside was just as gorgeous- since this is what i was doing. i've been getting calls to do weddings that are different than i am used to ever since i did one last summer. i don't know why, but these are all weddings where the siblings of either the bride or grrom are in charge of planning and selecting everything. so i worked with the groom's sister on this- and didn't meet the bride or groom until i was handing them their flowers. it was a little stressful to think about. but i loved what she chose for flowers. the bride's bouquet was all white peonies and as fluffy as frosting. the picture is bad, but it's my new favorite bouquet.the centerpieces were mostly peonies, hydrangeas, mums, and stock. all flowers i love. i usually don't love one color for the entire wedding, but the limes in the vases were adorable- and they used whole limes with names pinned on as the place markers. it was just cute. oh, and did i mention it was on the top floor of the tallest building in seattle? so even though i spent the day indoors, the view(s) were worth it!


Anonymous said...

I love the limes! Great pictures and beautiful flowers.

Matt and Joanna said...

I totally, completely forgot about last Friday. Did I ever even talk to you about it? I'm so sorry. On another note. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I love the limes in the vases, they're so fun, clean, and summery. You are so talented!

Ben and Summer said...

Lovely Limes! They look great! I didn't know you were in such demand for weddings - such multiple talents:)