bangled baby

when i had macy, the first thing i was given was a tiny bracelet that my sister had bought when she was pregnant with her first. she'd had three boys since purchasing it- so i lucked out and was the recipient of that adorable gift. (don't worry, she had a girl after i did and got plenty of bracelets as well)
bracelets quickly became my most favorite thing for my baby girl. so i was super excited when my good friend said she wanted to start making bracelets for her baby girl. even better- she opened an etsy shop! not only does she have darling designs, but she has amazing prices! so hurry over and check out her shop before she raises her prices!


Ben and Summer said...

Too late! J/K, thanks for the post, Sara! I have listed more bracelets, and even though it looks like they are all from your kits, I did do one of my own. (It sold already:) I'll do my own from now on, thanks so much for the idea and the support. You're awesome!

The P*dunc's said...

Too cute!