for your ears only

here are a few of my new favorites. earrings are so fun to make because they are quick and easy and fun to make different designs with. i love the circles because they are made of wood with a bead in the middle so they are light as a feather. so much fun for summer! (ok- suzana and joanna, take your pick!)


Matt and Joanna said...

How fun! I'm so excited! I love the top earrings with the square beads! Thank you!

Suzana said...

um... can i just get one of everything... it's too hard to decide. i love the square ones and the circle ones with brown in the middle. i already have red earrings that you gave me that i love, but i need some different colors. are you really giving them away?... i can totally buy some from you. i would anyway. just let me know.