no.21 apple peeler corer slicer

this is another of my favorite kitchen tools. we don't use it too much, but with a name like that can you really not call it a mulit-tasker and therefore worth all the cabinet space it uses? i did use it when macy was too young for bigger apple slices- and she loved to eat the thin little apples it produced. it also make apple pies quite a bit easier. or you could try it with potates for a fun twist on curly fries. you'll get perfect 1/4" slices everytime. i like to think that even though we don't use it a ton, this is something that makes life a little easier and a little more enjoyable. now that's a good thing.

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Aubri said...

I love mine but since we live with the inlaws right now it is packed away. It is dreamy though. When BriAnna is big enough to eat apples I will use it more.