no. 12 hoot!

i have been in love with this cute idea ever since i saw these little owls on this cute blog. yesterday i felt like doing some crafting for fun and these are what happened. i was debating about what to have my little flock say and we came up with all kinds of fun ideas, like thank you, get well, be kind, be thankful, and then richie came up with the idea of "be wise" and i just knew it was the perfect phrase! i can see these cute little birds sitting on our bookshelf someday in our library someday in our house that has a library someday. well now i'm getting carried away. these owls were super easy and very fun to make. what a cute little gift these would be for someone and you could include your little message right on them. i love how each one has a personality even though they were all made out of the same pattern. funny how they are also different shapes- who knew? well, these were the perfect little break from two big custom projects i have been working on that i am so excited to show... maybe tomorrow!


Michelle W. said...

Oooh! They are soooo cute! I love them. Nice idea on the bookshelf. They'd be great for a nursery too!!

*b said...

super cute, cute, cute!