no.3 music

i love music. i definitly regret that i did not go further with piano. i always wish i could raise my hand in church when they desperately say, "can anyone play the piano?" luckily there are always others who can, but i sure wish... i did, however play the viola for 10 years, which i loved. i was in choir in high school and college, and took music theory, then decided to get more serious about my major and drop music all together. i will still always love the times i spent playing music- at carnegie hall, in the national cathedral, on the campus of stanford university, but most importantly, in the home. what a sweet tone music can set wherever it is played. it's definitely a good thing.


The P*dunc's said...

I totally hear you on the piano thing... and my mom was a piano teacher.

Alicia said...

Have you really played at Carnegie hall??? I just don't know you at all! Thanks for coming tonight. I love your blog...hope it's okay I link it to mine so I can check it often.

saracollett said...

kristen! YOUR mom was my piano teacher, but i never practiced so my mom made me quit! i remember going to lessons before school with curlers still in my hair!