it's beginning to look a lot like...

my 100th post! wow! what to do. what to do. well, since i haven't thought of anything- because it just crept up with this silly posting everyday thing, i'll do something exciting for my 101st post. so be on the lookout. any good ideas? i had a lot of fun doing the little drawing last spring... any ideas on what to draw for?

ok- for real, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas here- without the snow. i love getting out all the christmas stuff every year. i equally love putting it away and the feeling of starting fresh and cleaning up. but isn't it great to pull things out and remember the fun and the feelings associated with the holiday? some of my favorite things to get out are the nativities. macy was so excited when she saw all the animals and the babies. so it's a good thing she doesn't know how to climb up furniture to get to all those breakable sheep heads and shepherds crooks.

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aaronandsharla said...

it looks like you have cute C-mas stuff. All mine is pretty ugly- I think- but that is OK because if Landon breaks it, I don't care. He already broke one thing the first day it was up.