if wishes were fishes

i'd have the whole ocean. and this is what i would see everyday.

extrememely large candy corns.

flowers defying gravity

a beach just for me

streets lined with palm trees

this in my neighborhood

and this for dinner

but in real life i am happy to have

this and this

and once in a while live in my dreams with them.


jennifer@pinkricrac said...

sara what a gorgeous entry! i love it! so poetic!

stacia said...

very cute sara... i love it!

aaronandsharla said...

very cute post- we have In-n-Out Burger just down the street- and I still don't want it though. I love this post- wish I had all those things too- except Macy and Richie- I'll take Aaron and Landon and Tanner instead. p.s. LOVED the baby booties- and thanks so much!

*b said...

this is a great post.