confession no.2

while i am confessing things, i have to admit i really like martha stewart. not just like. i love everything that is martha stewart. i know she doesn't come up with all the great ideas and everything, but she has amazing people working for her doing amazing things.
secretly, when people tell me i am like martha stewart, i just love it- not because i think i am all great- but because i really want to be like her! i even like her haircut! it always looks so fresh and cute. yep- and if i lived in north carolina, you can bet i would be pushing for us to buy a martha stewart house.
remember when martha stewart apprentice as on tv? i auditioned. i only got to the second round, but for a second there i thought i really could be martha stewart. oh, and then the show aired and i was more than happy not to be a part of that.
oh, i guess there is one thing martha i'm not crazy about. the martha stewart recipes. i have never found one i love. too many abnormal ingredients. too many ingredients in general. too many steps. and on top of that they always seem to look a ton better than they taste.
and while i don't endorse why she went to prison, talk about making lemonade out of lemons. she sure did the prison stint in style. have you ever seen such a cute cell?
all i can say is martha martha martha. so what's your secret?


Sarah said...

Haha! I cracked up reading your Martha Stewart confession. I was also impressed by the way she handled the prison situation. A lot of people would've tried to hide out the remainder of their life, but she was very upfront about it. I liked some aspects of Martha Stewart apprentice - especially when they had their salad dressing contest.

One thing I learned is that Martha Stewart should be a hypnotist. Whenever I fall asleep or wake up to her show, everything is in my dream. I can hear the whole show. Once I had a terrible nightmare that Matt had died and in my dream, I asked Martha Stewart if I could just hang out with her the rest of my life cooking and making stuff. Then I woke up and her show was on. :-D

I'm not crafty, but I enjoy watching Martha Stewart make stuff, especially around Thanksgiving and Halloween.

*b said...

great confession. i actually get a little overwhelmed by her on her show, but i think i would probably like most of her home collection stuff. my secret is that every time i go to Target i spend too much money...ok not a big secret to my husband, but it's so hard to just buy what's on my list when i'm shopping there. i always come out with a big bill and hardly anything to show for it.


aaronandsharla said...

Sara Martha Stewart the second...just wanted to call you that so I could become closer to being your favorite sister- ha ha.

Cade&Susie&Jaxon said...

You are a better version of Martha...cuter personality!

DrummerGirl said...

Oh my gosh, I love Martha Stewart, too. I've been afraid to admit that for a very long time. =) Thanks for giving me the courage. =)