pike's place-stravaganza

ahhhh... pike's place market. the sights. the sounds. the smells. i have yet to grow weary of the place.


Thankfulheart said...

Hi Sara...an idea about the ice cream social to keep it simple. You could draw a multi-scooped ice cream cone(that can be cut out in one piece.)
Texture the cone (with a fine point pen like a micron)in a cross hatch pattern...like multiple tic- tac-toe symbols.
Write your info on the ice cream scoops.
If you are more creative you can have the ice cream scoops open up Dinah Zike style!

jesseca said...

Ahhhh Pikes Place Market...the waterfront....the good old Curiosity Shop...fish and chips...the Aquarium.....the rain.....I miss Seattle. I grew up in Renton and we would visit the city often. I look forward to the day when I can take my own family there to experience the sights and smells that I will never forget.

P.S. You won the Lemon Bib GiveAway!! I will shoot you an email as well, but CONGRATS!!