everything including the kitchen sink

just when you thought this couldn't get any more random, we're throwing in the kitchen sink! i like to think i have sink cleaning skills. at least that's what my mom says. now you too can have skills of your own. so yesterday when i was cleaning it, i thought this was something worth sharing. here is my favorite way to clean the sink:

1) fill sink with hot water and bleach.. as full as you dare.

2) allow sink to soak or cool off for at least 10 minutes. this would be a good time to entertain yourself with something else. just don't go get a manicure cause it will probably get ruined before it has time to dry.

3) drain the sink when you think the water is cool enough to plunge your hand into it.

4) scrub using your sponge of choice and cleanser of choice. i like soft scrub, until it gets on my favorite shirt and puts holes and bleach marks in it. (note to self: don't wear nice clothes when cleaning sink) this is a step that makes me happy i soaked the sink. everything should come off easily and it's not dirty because it's already been bleached! so dive in! make sure you even clean under the faucet and other such accessories. it's amazing what can grow under there.

5) rinse until clear and sparkly. if you feel really wild you can use windex on the silvery parts.

6) stand back and enjoy. a clean sink can make the rest of my kitchen look fabulous even when the counters are cluttered with the usual crumbs, pizza boxes, cups, rags, yesterday's leftovers, empty cannisters, dirty dishes you took out of the sink to clean it, pans, shoes, yeah, whatever else. at least the sink shines.


melody said...

Wow! That sink really shines. I will try your method, as I love a clean sink myself. I remember my mom teaching me to "scour" the sink and use a lot of "elbow grease." I have a feeling my sink could be even cleaner. Thanks for the tip!

Allyson Hill said...

That is so true! (the part about how a clean sink can make the rest of the kitchen look fabulous) I hate bleach though, I really really hate it. Oh well, I gotta get over it I guess!

aaronandsharla said...

Is this from FLYLADY? Because that is just how I do it, and just how she says to do it. I need to do mine- but Aaron did it for me!! lovely!

Jan said...

Hi Sara. I did this! While the sink was soaking I used it to bleach two favorite shirts I was going to have to throw away and a bathmat. Now everything is white again! Thanks!

jesseca said...

Lovely. I adore a clean kitchen, and am constantly at odds with my sink. I will try out your tip for sure!